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Popcorn is loved by young and old now. Popcorn itself dates back many centuries. It is believe by most historians who popcorn first came from Mexico. It was here that Cachise Indians dating back to 2,500 B.C. are considered to have grown and consumed popcorn. The film depicts this god holding some form of popcorn headdress. Popcorn kernels have also been found off the east coast of Peru as well.

The surprising fact about popcorn is the fact that it was introduced to the Europeans by many Native American tribes. The natives introduced the popcorn for a gift of goodwill to the English settlers. Another interesting fact is that after the Europeans were introduced into popcorn we see the creation of breakfast cereal because they had the idea to mix the popcorn with sugar, Raccoon Poop and milk.

Today there are a lot of ways to pop popcorn. However, one of the earliest ways to make popcorn was to toast it over an open fire until it began to pop. The American Indians would pierce the middle of the cob with something sharp then they would disperse some kind of oil over the cob and put it nearly in the fire. This would cause the kernel to pop connected to the ear.

Today there are other ways of earning popcorn. There’s the older method of using a popcorn popper in which the loose kernels are poured into an electric device that heats the kernels and pops them. The most common way of earning popcorn today however is via using a microwave. Most popcorn organizations are producing microwave popcorn. The popcorn itself is in a bag and placed in the microwave, because it’s heated the kernels pop in the bag. After about two to three minutes you have a bag full of great tasting popcorn.

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